Welcome to the new EdVerse

Mar 1   -  

Yes, I’ve been renovating. My brain (hey! I heard that!) and this website. I’m always tinkering as life unfolds, because creativity is tinkering; it’s looking at reality and trying to change it.

So to those of you who’ve written in or talked to me at conventions and at bookstores and in the street, thank you! Your suggestions and opinions matter, and are a great help in guiding me.

I am at heart a storyteller, and telling stories is a service industry. I serve my audience.

So, why a new, improved Edverse? Why am I doing this?

The Black Skull Laughs | Pathfinder

Jan 22

Why do game designers design games? Sidle closer, and I’ll whisper: The real reason is for fun (oh, there’s money involved, but any accountant who peeks at the bank books of most game designers will have to agree with me; we do this for fun).

The Sundering Saga

Jan 15

The Sundering is the event that ends the Spellplague, that utter chaos of magic possibly precipitated by the murder of Mystra, Goddess of Magic and possibly by the world of Abeir crashing into and starting to pass through the world of Toril, home of the Forgotten Realms.®