Dear Advisory Group,

Welcome to the advance copy of the first edition of The Ed Greenwood Group Full Micro-Catalog and Project Timeline. This document contains the current novels and games under contract; the artisanal and derivative works in progress as well as all other planned projects, formats, companies, settings, etc… currently under consideration.

This is an unedited, un-proofed document that has been prepared in order to gain input from members of the Advisory Group. After we gather your thoughts, the document will be prepared for the Creatives and we shall allow for their input before parts of this go live to the general public via the TEGG e-magazine and portal to all things Greenwood: Onder Librum starting in July, 2015.

We look forward to your thoughts and thank you again for your time.

~Ed & the minions



General Notes:

  • Platter refers to the monthly subscription based e-content series.
    • Platters will cross age-groups (young reader aka BfYR, young adult or YA, general, adult and XXX) as well as all imprints and settings.
  • First and second serialization rights will be exploited via Onder Librum, The Ed Greenwood Group’s own e-magazine.
  • All settings and even individual titles will have a supplementary rules package that connects the setting to The Ed Greenwood Group d20 RPG House Rules as well as a set of starter adventures and adventures for experienced RPG players.
  • Steven Schend has joined TEGG as Head of Games Development. Together with Mr. Greenwood and the TEGG Gaming sub Group Mr. Schend will be examining all IPs and settings within TEGG for RPG, board, card and other game possibilities.
  • D. Gregor Hagey joins TEGG as Head of Development: Film, Television and Stage. Together with Mr.Greenwood and his own team Mr. Hagey will be examining all aspects of TEGG’s activities, settings and publications for possibilities.


  • ACD Distribution will handle printing, manufacture, cataloging, sales and distribution of all TEGG lines and formats within the US and other specific territories. ACD will also distribute internationally and combine efforts with TEGG to secure overseas sales and distribution partners.
    • Traditional format types, release dates and retail prices still to be discussed.
  • Global digital formats distribution (of all TEGG lines and all digital formats, including Apps; save XXX-rated material) will be handled by Trajectory Inc.—300 channels reaching 230,000 end points and 850 million consumers—in all major languages.
  • Augmented & Enhanced ebooks and RPG adventures will be handled by Trapdoor Technologies—Almost U$2 million to develop, Trapdoor’s Storybook and Playbook Apps allow novels and adventures to be intertwined with text, audio, video, games, puzzles and more creating a new interactive experience for both readers and players.
  • Digital formats of XXX rated materials will be sold directly via Onder Librum, the TEGG e-magazine and portal.


  • Scindra Inc. is a Cambodia-based division of TEGG that will run the 1 acre Greenwood Gardens in Bateay Srai and handle the export of both setting-tie-in comestibles and products as well as a separate non-branded line of products. Tied to the Hellmaw setting, Scindra Inc. will provide materials for all TEGG projects, settings and ventures.
  • The Unicorn’s Horn Inc. will handle the sourcing, creation and marketing of all triple X rated setting-tie-ins as well as a separate non-TEGG branded line of products.

Imprints (in publication order)

  1. Hellmaw (2015)
    1. Urban fantasy, dæmons among us…
  2. The Ed Greenwood Group (2015)
    1. Fiction, non-fiction, Artifacts, games and RPG adventures…
  3. Pony Island Adventures (2016)
    1. Classic myth & magic with Greenwood-esque twists.
  4. Old School Rules! (2016)
    1. The Great Galactic Game (science fiction). Downton Abbey meets Highlander meets Star Wars; bored young nobles of a galactic empire play a gigantic ongoing game of tag for status and ransoms, but the game turns deadly when someone playing it starts killing other players. Book One: The Game Turns Deadly by Ed Greenwood.
    2. Death Helm (myth & magic). The Lion in Winter meets Ghost meets Dark Shadows; a Royal Champion fights on from beyond the grave to defend his beloved kingdom. Book One: The Haunted Suit of Armor by Ed Greenwood.
    3. For Wolf and Empire (steampunk). Set on a map of Europe where only the cities and geography seem familiar, politics, diplomacy, spying and sabotage are all in motion as the players vie for control. Book One: For Wolf and Empire.
    4. Sessorium Original Works
  5. Platter of Surprises—monthly fiction, by subscription (2016)
    1. Shared Setting Works
    2. TEGG Works
    3. Ed Greenwood’s Own Shorts
    4. Sessorium Original (short) Works
  6. Original (full) Works programme (2017)
    1. Fermat Prime (Americana myth & magic) by Steven Schend (2017)
      1. Novels, games, RPG, shorts & Artifacts…
    2. Madhouse (Grey’s Anatomy in space) by Sharon Sasaki (2017)
      1. Novels, RPG and games.
    3. Third Sign (epic fantasy) by Gregory A. Wilson (2019)
      1. Novels, RPG and games.
  7. Lost Princesses of Mars (2017)
    1. Flash Gordon meets Heavy Metal meets Pirates of the Caribbean in Space. Book One: Lost Princesses of Mars by Ed Greenwood.
  8. Under Deadly Stars (2018)
    1. In a vast interstellar empire, a man whose planet was enslaved sets out to murder the four Gemlords who ruined his homeworld, and sets in motion star-spanning war. Book One: A Handful of Bleeding Stars by Ed Greenwood.
  9. Death and Tentacles (2019)
    1. A collision of Cthulhu meets Dr. Who meets Aleister Crowley and the Order of the Golden Dawn, and locked room mysteries are the order of the day. Book One: Locked in With Death by Ed Greenwood.
  10. Cats Run or Die (2020)
    1. The jet-set international art scene meets Modesty Blaise and James Bond; innocents find themselves on the run in a dark world of spies who will stop at nothing. Book One: The Cat That Winked by Ed Greenwood.

TEGG 2015~2021 Project Stats…

As of April 7th 2015…

  • XX Settings
  • XX Novels and other ‘full’ volumes
  • XX Anthologies
  • XX Games
  • XX Apps
  • XX Artifacts
  • XX Other works

Hellmaw (2105):

  • Hellmaw’s first story arc begins 31st October, 2015 and ends 31st October, 2017 when the 2nd story arc begins and for which authors are already reserving publication slots. 5 brand new dæmons will kick off the 2nd arc.
  • The 3rd and 4th story arc are in the plotting stages and we hope to partner with another publishing firm to embed the 3rd story arc within the 2nd one. More on that in a few weeks.
  • Search is on for the right Creative(s) to initialize the Hellmaw high-school stories with dæmon Joey as the main lead of the tales. This project is geared towards a television riff.
  • Greenwood’s first Hellmaw title, Your World is Doomed, will be launched in Toronto, details below.
  • Setting preview at GenCon 2016; launch at Gamehole Con 2015.
  • The use of the diphthong character æ (ash) as in dæmon vs daemon or demon needs discussion. Might this affect existing listing, retail and other systems?
  • Guess which two projects cover every Greenwood Group in-house format…
  • Dæmon names are place-holders only. Some will be kept, others not.